Ashes In Vinyl Records

We are pleased to be working in partnership with And Vinyly to offer bespoke vinyl records containing the ashes and/or recordings and images of a loved one.


And Vinyly – the perfect resting place for music lovers

And Vinyly have had the privilege of pressing ashes into vinyl since 2006. Founder and long time vinyl music producer Jason Leach was intrigued by the fact that audio can be literally felt as it moves the air and fascinated by the ability of sound to transport a listener immediately back to a particular place and time.

After contemplating how he himself might be remembered by his music, Jason felt that being pressed into his own record containing a bespoke compilation of audio and imagery would be a fitting memorial - a true ‘record’ in every sense of the word. He decided to make his idea a reality, And Vinyly was formed and today hundreds of And Vinyly records are treasured across the globe.

Bringing people together

An And Vinyly record is a tangible compilation of treasured memories that can be seen as well as heard. Jason and Harriette from And Vinyly (with decades of experience in sound production and graphic design respectively), alongside Westerleigh colleagues, will be on hand to guide you every step of the way throughout the process.

The first step is the collation of the content. This can be collaborative and is, we have learned, often a cathartic experience, with friends and family contributing photographs and words, voicemails, answerphone messages and recordings of special times.



Choose from the options below to create your bespoke vinyl

  • 7” or 12” vinyl 5 minutes of audio per side on a 7” or 18 minutes of audio per side on a 12” vinyl record. (There is no difference in price between 7” & 12”).
  • Vinyl colour Natural clear and black are standard. Translucent and opaque colours are available at an additional cost. Natural clear is recommended for optimum visibility of the ashes.
  • 1 or 2 sides 1 or 2 sides playable audio are available.
  • Plain or printed labels. You can have a different label on each side even if you have chosen 1 side audio.
  • Clear or printed sleeves. Choose a printed sleeve for maximum print area, alternatively opt for a clear sleeve.
  • Optional extras such as printed inner sleeves, special print effects, anything is possible.


  • 12” or 7” record
  • Natural clear or black vinyl
  • 1 side playable audio
  • Printed label with clear sleeve
  • 1 record £1490.05
  • 10 records £1600.70
  • 20 records £1755.64