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Cemetery and Burial Memorials

A memorial is the commemoration of a person’s life, it is the most challenging dedication to create and we know that choosing a fitting tribute for your loved one is a unique experience. We hope that our offer of a selection of beautifully designed and crafted memorials can help you to remember and celebrate the life of your loved one. We are also pleased to offer a design service to match any memorial you may have seen or to create something unique.

Our team is always available to speak with you and talk you through materials and designs which can be altered to meet your individual needs. Get in touch with us today.


GH 13

All Polished Dark Grey Granite.
The rose design in each corner of the shoulder is highlighted with pure gold leaf. The base has a centre hole for a flower container.

GH 22

All Polished Black Granite.
This memorial has a star cross and rose design on the headstone. The base includes a hole for a flower container.

GH 26

All Polished Blue Pearl.
Roses or any other flower can be included in this sandblasted panel. The base has a hole for a flower container in each corner.

CH 09

Ruby Red Granite.
A headstone with natural pitched edge, bronze cross & rose design on left side. The base has a hole on the right for flower container.

CH 18

Dark Grey Granite.
Rustic shaped headstone with natural carved roses and natural rock pitched edges. The base has a centre hole for a flower container.

CH 32

Abbey Grey Granite.
A square shaped headstone with clipped corners. This fine light grey granite is a perfect contrast to the dark highlighted margin pin line.

TK 16

All Polished Black Granite.
A classic ogee headstone with kerbs & two posts which can be bored for a flower container. A vase sits in the centre of the memorial.

TK 22

Flint Grey Granite.
Matching chamfers on headstone & kerbs give this Gothic style memorial a traditional feel. At the foot are posts with holes for flower containers.

TK 26

All Polished Blue Pearl Granite.
A heart shaped headstone with a sandblasted rose design beneath. This memorial has four kerbs and a cover slab.