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Open Day 2017

Open Day 2017

by Office Manager

Open Day 2017

Open Day which - Saturday 15th July.

We were delighted to donate our recycling scheme funds to Cruse Bereavement Care and Michael Hall gladly accepted the cheque for £7,950.

The success of the day was the fact that one of the attendees had real concerns about her husband’s cremation a few years ago.  Someone had told her all sorts of un-truths which had caused her distress.  To finally come here and actually understand that her husband had been looked after and she had all of him in the casket at home, made a real difference to her. 

It was a small intimate day which was perfect for helping the families who were here.

The team were fantastic so Big Thanks to all plus thanks to Mike and Tim our friendly neighbours who donated the wonderful cakes.

Photos From Open Day